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Staff + Board

An International Humanitarian NGO

Project Hope’s office is located in Nablus, Palestine, where its activities are led by its large group of volunteers and experienced Palestinian staff. Project Hope is represented at Beit Zatoun in Toronto, Canada, where it is registered as a charity.



Abdulhakim Sabbah – Director, Nablus Office
Abdulhakim Sabbah has served as the Director of Project Hope since May 2005. He has been instrumental in the growth of Project Hope over the last several years in terms of fundraising and program expansion, in particular in developing Project Hope’s French language offerings and cultivating relationships with the French speaking community, both locally and abroad. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nablus’ An-Najah University in English Literature and French Language.

Salem Hantoli – Treasurer
Salem Hantoli has served as Project Hope’s Treasurer since its inception. He established Project Hope’s financial system and is responsible for financial policy and various management tasks. Salem has Degrees and Certificates in Yield Man agement and Hotels Operations from several different universities.

Welcome to our Newest Staff Members!
We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members of staff, and we look forward to adding their distinguished profiles shortly!


Canadian Charity Board

Bassel El-Jobran, Chairperson
Olga Hassan Director & Secretary
Jehad Aleiweiwi, Director & Treasurer
Jareer Khouri, Director of Donor Relations
Lemme Ibrahim, Director of International Relations
Brigitte Buck, Administrator


Jeremy Wildeman
Jeremy Wildeman co-founded Project Hope and its Canadian and Scottish charities. He holds a BA in Politics and History from the University of Saskatchewan and a MA in Politics from McMaster University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the UK, where he is conducting research into the construction and development of international aid for Palestinians, within the context of the peace process.

Samah Atout
Samah was born in Nablus, Palestine, and received her education in Nablus and in Castellon, Spain. She holds firm to the belief that change is possible through grassroots work and diplomacy. She founded two key social projects in the northern West Bank, worked as a lobbyist to European Union institutions in Brussels, and has more than 10 years of experience in civil society organizations. Samah joined the Palestinian Foriegn Service in 2008, holding key positions in the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the UN-Geneva, and recently in the General Delegation of Palestine to the EU-Brussels.