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Volunteering from Home

Other than volunteering for Project Hope from home, you may find that you want to remain further engaged with the Palestinian issue. Here are some suggestions of organizations in other countries that you might volunteer for.

  Firefly International (UK)

Firefly International supports locally-led organizations, such as Project Hope, that create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for young people to learn, thrive and grow. Through artistic and educational programmes, our partners provide young people with opportunities and support to develop their skills, confidence and networks, improving prospects for brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Volunteering at Firefly in the UK is one way to directly support Project Hope. Firefly raises funds and awareness for Project Hope, as well as supporting it with running projects.

  Medical Aid for Palestinians (UK)

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. MAP delivers health and medical care to those worst affected by conflict, occupation and displacement. Working in partnership with local health providers and hospitals, MAP addresses a wide range of health issues and challenges faced by the Palestinian people. With offices located in Beirut, Ramallah, Jerusalem and Gaza City, MAP responds rapidly in times of crisis, and works directly with communities on longer term health development.

  Zatoun (Canada)

Zatoun sells fair trade Palestinian olive oil and other products that benefit Palestinian farmers. It also helps to create a context in Canada based in ordinary everyday life to view and discuss the situation in Palestine-Israel. Zatoun is Project Hope's longest running donor providing core funding toward Project Hope's annual budget, which allows us to maintain our youth activities in the Nablus governorate. By virtue of this fact, every time you volunteer for Zatoun you therefore are helping Project Hope to sustain its work.